2016 Municipal Election VIDEO'S

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2016 Municipal Election VIDEO'S

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 26, 2016 9:07 am

SOURCE: SA Today Dot Net

Zuma is desperate to avoid political defeat VIDEO

President Jacob Zuma called the Democratic Alliance (DA) “snakes,” during an election meeting in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality on Saturday, July 23rd. One has to admire the “intelligence” of Zuma, and how brilliantly he fools the uneducated, ignorant followers of the African National Congress (ANC).

Zuma also said that the DA was the spawn of the apartheid National Party and the Progressive Party. It is called desperation and Zuma is anxious about the outcome of the election. Over the past weeks while campaigning Zuma has made some ridiculous statements “Only the ANC have liberated South Africa,” and the statement he made while in the Western Cape, “In China, the Chinese rule and in India, Indians are in power. It’s only here in SA that we allow others to govern”? We all know who Zuma is referring to, the DA and the white people who are members of that party, it’s stirring up racial tensions.

Zuma is nothing more than a pathetic leader who has failed dismally. It is no secret that the situation in South Africa has worsened since he became president. Education is disastrous; unemployment has soared and out of control, there is no service deliveries and crime is uncontrollable. Zuma will tell the ignorant ANC supporters that the ANC are the chosen party. Nothing more than a desperate act of trying to hang on to power and self-enrichment.

Zuma knows he is in trouble and so anxious to gain support in the upcoming local election. Zuma needs to stay in control; it is the only way he will stay out of prison, and when one is desperate, actions can turn nasty. Zuma cannot win supporters confidence with the truth about good governance, and the only way Zuma will get the votes is through instilling fear into the hearts of the masses. It is a sad fact that many ANC supporters are completely ignorant and believe the deceitful lips of a failed president.



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