Promoting Racism & Intolerance in the Name of Combating Racism & Intolerance

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Promoting Racism & Intolerance in the Name of Combating Racism & Intolerance

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An Overdue Initiative
When I received an invitation to attend the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development Consultation on a National Action Plan to Combat Racism, Discrimination, Xenophobia and Intolerance, I was encouraged. It sounded like a great idea.
About time that somebody in government was going to do something constructive about all the farm murders and irresponsible politicians singing: "Kill the Boer! Kill the farmer!" and "one settler – one bullet!" rebel rousers wearing: "kill all whites" T-shirts on campus.
With all the talk about "Eradicating Afrikaans", destroying art treasures and national monuments, this initiative was obviously long overdue.

Through the Looking Glass
However, it was not long after arriving at the Conference Centre in Century City that I had this uncomfortable feeling, like Alice in Wonderland, that I had fallen through The Looking Glass and was at some kind of Mad Hatters Tea Party!
It was not just the opulent catering overflowing the tables. The speakers seemed to have misread the Memo.
Unless my ears were deceiving me, speaker after speaker seemed to be promoting racism, discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance!

Defining the Terms
I turned to the Draft document for Public Consultation of the National Action Plan and read the definitions at the beginning of this glossy DOJ publication.
Yes, there it was: "Hate crimes: acts motivated by bias based on the identity (with reference to race, religion, national origin…) of a victim are forms of bias motivated violence… hate crimes are message crimes that send a message of fear to an entire community… hate crimes, particularly when they do not meet an adequate response from the state, violate fundamental principles of equality and non-discrimination can lead to social unrest."
"Discrimination: imposes burdens, obligations or disadvantages on, or withholds benefits from, opportunities or advantages from any person, on one or more of the prohibited grounds."
"Institutionalised Racism: any kind of system of inequality based on race…"

Blatant Racism in the Name of Combatting Racism
Yet, I was hearing speakers clearly advocated, what to me seemed to be racist hate speech, institutionalised intolerance and systematic discrimination against whites in general and Afrikaners in particular.

Inexplicable Omissions and Outrageous Generalisations
Not only were they not dealing with the thousands of farmers murdered in South Africa, but they were making the most outrageous generalisations and racist statements, such as:
"All whites are racist!"
"We have to invade those sectors where whites are still in charge!"
"All whites must be re-educated!"
"The honeymoon period of democracy has come to an end!"
"Equality is not enough! This is not a single issue revolution!"
"No more reconciliation!"
"The white culture must fall!"
"Racial superiority is expressed through sports!"
"Rugby is everything to the Afrikaners. You want to hurt the Afrikaner, you must crush their rugby. We must insist that at least 50% of all their rugby teams are black."
"Afrikaans is not a language for education. It has no place in universities."
"We need to deconstruct the systematic racism by eradicating whiteness."
"We have had 21 years of carrots – now we need the sticks! They must feel the pressure to compel them to hand over all their resources!"
"The biggest failure of the TRC was it failed to address sports!"
"We cannot allow the constitution to get in the way of redistributing all wealth and removing whites from all positons of authority and land ownership."

"God is the Ultimate Racist!"
Nikhiel Deepalal, National Chairperson for Students for Law and Social Justice decaled that he used to believe in God until he saw all the inequality and realised that God is the ultimate racist! Therefore he had given up on religion, because of inequality.

"Christianity is Racist!"
One previous speaker, Congress of South Africans Trade Unions (CASATU), Tony Ehrenreich, declared that "racism is inculcated in every doctrine of Christianity!"

Atheist Agenda
The absolutely mindless, out-of-touch with reality, Marxist, atheist hatred for Christianity from some of the speakers was staggering.

Double Standards
I looked back at the definitions at the beginning of this document and sure enough, bias against any religion or conscience constituted hate speech.
Yet here were a steady stream of speakers stereotyping all whites and Christians and males in the most hostile and prejudicial language!
There was evidently a blatant double standards and blindness to their own hatred and racism.

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