Suspected card cloners busted

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Suspected card cloners busted

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:42 pm

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Minutes ago at a local shopping complex, fast-acting cops arrested two men who are suspected to be card cloners.

A woman was at an ATM withdrawing money when she was approached by a man who insisted that she key in her PIN. The woman typed in a number but little did the suspect realise that the wrong PIN had been used.

Realising she had almost been the victim of card cloning, the woman alerted security and police.

Police had been on the lookout for a Hyundai i10 (silver) which was spotted in the Steadville area.

Wanting to catch the suspects in the act, officers followed the car and the suspects made their way back to the shopping complex.

K9 Unit and TRT officers cornered the men near one of the entrances at the complex. The vehicle was searched and officers found bank cards, another set of number plates (NJ registration) and clothing in their possession.

The two men were arrested and the vehicle was seized by police.

This story will be updated.


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